tipping point and talent zone

After an international career and many great companies later, Bernard Marie wanted to share his passion of managerial technologies and especially one: holacracy.

They are now 3 master certified coaches in the world, including Bernard Marie and 7 certified coaches.

Famous companies such as Kingfisher and Castorama embarked on the adventure of holacracy with Bernard Marie’s help. Their goal: creating an organizational revolution   by eliminating silots and pyramids.

Organization around men era is over, we must organize around the roles that the company needs.

Bernard Marie Chiquet gave my the example of cities to illustrate this:

when the size of a city doubles, innovation and productivity per inhabitant increases by 15 percent. But when firm size increases, innovation and productivity per employee paradoxically tend to fall.

a firm which has 150 years of history would be recognized for its ability to survive but compared to a city of several thousand years …”

The idea is to set up a distributed authority way of functioning defined by a constitution.

You can discover the IGI Partners website for more details on how holacracy works.

What caught my attention during the discussion we had with Marie Bernard is the concept of area talent. Each individual is driven by a passion, motivation, a particular skill, a gift that is not necessarily used in our existing worklife. What a waste!

First step, and not least, I have to find out what is my talent (yes many of us do not know this talent)

Then according to my talent I can, in an holacratic organization, choose a role and if I want to change it’s possible (the principle of complete mobility).

I‘m really interested in the principle of area talent and I’m going to dig it

Thanks to Bernard Marie I also learned a new word:
tipping point” is a point in time when a group—or a large number of group members—rapidly and dramatically changes its behavior by widely adopting a previously rare practice.(sources: Wikipedia)

In fact, when the firework starts…

Let’s hope our companies takes quickly conscience of  this tipping point

I’ll end this article with a quote of humor and many thanks for reading my article

Feel free to comment it will really help me !!



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